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Information for Veterans

Financial Aid checklist

  1. Complete FAFSA
  2. Submit application for military benefits
    1. To learn about your military benefits visit
      1. Go to “education”
      2. Click apply for education benefits
      3. Find your education benefits form
  3. Once you receive your certificate of eligibility in the mail, submit to Chris Scroggins, financial assistance counselor
    1. Email, fax or bring a copy of your certificate to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
    2. Upon retrieval, you will learn the longevity of your benefits, the benefit you have and the percentage of tuition and fee your benefits cover
      1. You will only submit this document one time
  4. Submit:
    1. 22-1999-Veterans enrollment for the semester
      1. This form is submitted each semester to Chris Scroggins
        • This form allows you to use your benefits each semester
        • After the form is submitted to Chris, it will take one month for you to receive your benefits

State Tuition Assistance

State tuition can be used with GI Bill.

  1. Visit the Missouri National Guard Website 
    1. Go to “programs” 
    2. Click "educations and incentives"
      1. State tuition assistance application
        • Statement of understanding
        • Schedule and bill (from the Office of Student Account Services)
        • Unofficial transcript from Northwest Missouri State University in CatPAWS

Federal Tuition Assistance

  1. Set up an account at
    1. For questions about setting up an account, contact Brian Steele, 573.638.9500 ext. 37053
  2. Upload your class schedule and bill which can be received from the Office of Student Account Services
  3. Upload your unofficial transcript found on CatPAWS

Students can use state tuition assistance and GI bill together. However, federal tuition assistance and GI bill may not be used together.

Transfer Process

  1. Submit your transfer application
  2. Send in any transcripts including the joint service transcript (military experience into college credit)
    1. Visit
    2. Submit transcripts from all previous institutions
  3. Complete financial aid requirements
  4. Living on campus?
    1. Contact Brady Willis 660.562.1804

Northwest Student Veterans Association (NWSVA)

The Northwest Student Veterans Association assists veterans, active duty personnel, National Guard, and reserve personnel to make an easier transition into the academic community. This group provides camaraderie and support to enhance the student veteran experience.

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