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Now YOU can give back to TRIO...

Your donation toward the Phil Kenkel TRIO Scholarship will help this scholarship become endowed. An endowment means this scholarship will be provided to students in perpetuity. While the fund is reaching the endowed goal, the scholarship will be available to award to students each spring semester. This scholarship will be awarded to student(s) who have graduated from the Upward Bound or the Upward Bound Math & Science programs at Northwest Missouri State University and be an active and current member of Northwest’s Student Support Services. 

This scholarship was created to honor Phil Kenkel's 28 years of service to the TRIO programs at Northwest. This scholarship will help honor astounding services and commitment Phil and the TRIO staff provides to TRIO students. 

The Northwest Foundation has set a goal to have this scholarship endowed in honor of his retirement.

"I have had a wonderful career helping deserving youth pursue their dream of a college education. While the notion of educational opportunity for all Americans has been in existence since Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty movement of the early 1960's, the fact still remains that certain segments of our population struggle to finance a college education. This scholarship will assist TRIO students with the burden of paying for college. I know of no other group who would be as deserving or appreciative of your support." Phil Kenkel

All gifts qualify as tax deductions and are processed by the Northwest Foundation.