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Some students have known since they were five years old the particular career they wanted to pursue. However, most decide much later and change majors and careers several times. Approximately 65% to 85% of all college students change majors at least one time during their education. In a very real sense, we are all engaged in the ongoing process of DECIDING.

Deciding is an action word. It describes some of the most dynamic opportunities available to students at Northwest Missouri State University. It means that students who are DECIDING their major are in the process of exploration. They are evaluating the interests, abilities, needs and values they possess and how they fit with a major or career.

The advising process helps the student to identify and clarify personal values, abilities, interests and goals. Students have the responsibility to engage interactively in the academic advising process. While an advisor helps by identifying and assessing alternatives and consequences of decisions, the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about goals and educational plans rests with the student.

(W. Habley, cited in Upcraft and Kramer, 1995)

To read about a students progression toward a major, view four-year plans.

Student Success Center

Our office conducts programs and has resources to help students decide their major. The following are some of these resources: