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Student Government Association

The SGA is the highest student governing body. Every student at Northwest--part-time, full-time, graduate or undergraduate--is a voting member of the SGA. The SGA elects the Student Senate to represent it in interactions with the faculty, staff, administration, Maryville community, state and national levels. The executive officers of the Senate are also the executive officers of the SGA.

Student Senate

Student Senate is the elected, representative governing body of the Student Government Association. It makes decisions for the SGA, and expresses the official opinion of the Northwest student body. There are 4 representatives from each class, 1 from the graduate students, 5 representatives for the off-campus students and 5 for the on-campus students. Any member of the student body is welcome and encouraged to join Senate as a non-voting Associate Member. Senators are expected to serve on Senate and University committees to further serve their constituents. Student Senate also provides students numerous opportunities to get involved on campus, to stay informed on important issues, and to develop long lasting relationships with other student leaders and campus administrators.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to act as a unified body, advancing the interests and general welfare of every student. The SGA represents each student and serves as a liaison amongst students, the University, and the community.

Vision Statement

The SGA exists to promote the interests of the student body of the University.