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The Undergraduate Academic Catalog provides detailed information regarding academic load, blocked courses, course numbering, credit hours, department numbers, honor roll recognition, incomplete grades, and pass/fail options. For more information, check the catalog that matches your catalog year and click the introduction link.

Academic Load: The normal load of an undergraduate student is 14-18 hours of academic work per semester. To be considered full-time, undergraduate students must be taking at least 12 academic hours in any semester.

Block Courses: These classes meet double time for half the semester. First-block classes meet during the first half of the semester, while second-block courses meet during the last half.

Course numbering: The course number references a course's level of difficulty.

Credit System: The unit of credit is the semester hour. Typically a three-credit hour class meets for three hours a week throughout the semester. This is important when calculating your GPA.

Department Numbers: Each department is identified with a number to help identify which department a course is listed under.

Honor Roll: Students earning a semester grade point average (GPA) of 3.50-3.99 on the University's 4.00 scale will be identified as making the Academic Honor Roll. Students earning a GPA of 4.00 will be identified as making the President's Honor Roll.

Incomplete Grade: If a student is unable to complete a course's requirements, the student should contact their instructor about receiving an incomplete grade, "I". An incomplete grade serves as an agreement between the student and instructor that the student will complete the remaining coursework by the end of the following semester or else receive an "F" for the course.

Pass/Fail: The pass/fail option can be used for courses outside of a student's specific major or minor program requirements. This option is not applicable to first-time freshman, general education requirements, or in major or minor areas.