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Student Organization Request Form – University Calendar

This form is to only be used by registered student organizations at Northwest Missouri State University to request submission onto the University Calendar. All requests will be submitted to the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) for addition to the calendar. Any other requests will not be processed through the OSI.   

The OSI will strive to have all events added to the calendar within 48 hours of receiving submitted form.

All requested information is required for submission onto the calendar. Incomplete request will not be added to the University calendar. 

The OSI reserves the right not to fulfill request should the said event not be in meeting with the mission of Northwest Missouri State University. 

Once your submission has been added to the University Calendar, you will receive a confirmation email from the OSI. Should you need to make any changes to your event(s) on the calendar, please stop by the Office of Student Involvement to do so.

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