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recyclemanialogo.jpgRecycleMania 2015 is in the Books!

In 2015 Northwest, for the fourth year, entered the Recyclemania Competition Division in Food Service Organics (46th overall) and Cans & Bottles (44th overall). During the eight week competition, not only did Northwest divert 44,680 lbs. of food waste from the landfill, it also diverted 8,148 lbs. of cans and bottles. During the competition period, Northwest also diverted 55,910 lbs. mixed paper for use by the alternative fuel pelletizing operation (Waste to Energy is not included by official RecycleMania guidelines).

At the completion of the 8 week competition period, the 108,738 lbs. of Food, Paper, and Recyclables collected brought Northwest Missouri State's total waste diversion rate to 43.7%.

While again there were no first place grand prize trophies for our 2015 efforts, it should be noted that of the Missouri universities competing in the Food Service Organics catagory, Northwest was #1.

University Rank
Northwest Missouri State University 46
Washington University 78
Missouri State University 97
Maryville University of St. Louis 102
UMKC 117
MU Columbia 123


The 7 Missouri universities competing in 2015 diverted 1,568,698 lbs. or 1785.35 tons of waste from the landfill in just 8 weeks!

Waste Reduction and Recycling at Northwest

For the last 20 years Northwest has been collecting recyclables from campus. Based on the need for the paper required for producing fuel pellets for alternative energy, the University has been committed to capturing as many recyclables as possible. In the past year Facility Services has expanded its recycling effort include food service organics, scrap metals, and a redesign of waste collection and tracking. This effort not only reduces expenses and further minimizes Northwest’s environmental impact; it is the first step toward Zero Waste.


RecycleMania is an eight-week competition between more than 600 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Campuses compete in different contests to see which institution can achieve the highest recycling rate and collect the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, and the least amount of trash per capita. For the past several years Northwest has been a benchmark institution because our paper diversion is not considered recycling.


RMlogoThe 2016 RecycleMania Tournament

How It Works

Participating colleges and universities report recycling and trash data on a weekly basis throughout the competition and are ranked within several categories. Northwest is making the transition back to the Competitive Division in the following categories:

  • Food Service Organics - Be sure to follow the signs in the food court carefully.
  • Cans and Bottles - Remove the lids and put your empty drink containers in any one of the 200 recycling stations around campus.
  • Residence Hall Students will also find separate RecycleMania bins for Aluminum, Plastic, and Glass in their lobby.

Thanks for your support!