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Sustainability Strategies: Offices

  • (Office & Residential) Make sure appliances and office machines are turned off at night and on weekends.
  • (Office) Use the "Office Power Savings Checklist" for an easy daily reminder of what should be shut off when the office is empty.

Office Power Savings Checklist:
Reduce your Paw Print in the Workplace!

In the evening:

  • All lights off.
  • Copiers turned completely off.
  • Set back manual thermostats (warmer in the summer, cooler in the winter).
  • Shut down computers, or set to hibernate, and lock access.
  • Printers and other office equipment turned off.
  • Turn off power strips for desktop equipment.
  • Shut blinds and/or curtains.
  • Close any open windows.

In the morning:

  • Turn lights on as needed-get the most out of natural light.
  • Turn on copiers and put in power/energy save mode.
  • Double check thermostat settings, and set at a comfortable level.
  • Computers, printers and other office equipment turned on as needed.
  • Open blinds and/or curtains.
  • Open windows (if possible) if this does not conflict with automatic heating/cooling.

Do this once, reap the benefits:

  • Get a plant or two to suck up carbon dioxide and provide fresh air.
  • Stock your office with reusable dishes and silverware so you don't have to throw away plastic utensils.
  • Remove unnecessary appliances, or see if common appliances can be shared (coffee pots, pencil sharpeners, etc).