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Sustainability By The Numbers

Recycling made easy

There are more than 150 recycling locations throughout campus.

Recycling at Northwest
1.8 Million Pounds Diverted Annually

Northwest in cooperation with the community has diverted over 10 million pounds from landfills since 2011.

Reduced Water usage

Northwest utilizes low flow restroom fixtures.

Plastic Recycling

Northwest recycles 100,000 lbs. of plastic each year.

200,000+ lbs. composted

Northwest collects and composts more than 200,000 lbs. of food waste, saving more than $5,000 in landfill costs each year.

Reusable Bottle filling stations

Reusable Bottle filling stations around campus are used over 100,000 each semester.

Cardboard Recycling

Northwest recycles 1.6 million lbs. of cardboard each year.

Alternative fuel in action

Northwest’s primary fuel source for producing steam heat is burning wood chips.

Stormwater management

Colden pond serves as a rain catchment for the east side of campus.

Paper Recycling

Northwest recycles 300,000 lbs. of paper each year.

Saving with Solar

An 18.75 KW solar array is located on the roof of Owens Library and a 25 KW solar array is located on Hubbard Center for Innovation.

“Tree Campus”

Northwest is a Level II ArbeNet accredited arboretum with over 1,700 trees.

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