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How to Request an Annual Capital Project

Capital Programs is accepting Annual Capital Project Requests until November 30 for FY24 fiscal year.  
FY24 projects will be scheduled for fall 2023 through summer 2024.

  1. Log in to myNorthwest and click Employee Resources on the left Click Facility Services Forms and Documentation to access the PRF Form. 
  1. Provide the information requested on the PRF 
  1. Quotes/estimates, specs, photos, etc., can be uploaded as attachments. 
  1. If you have available funds for all or part of this request, please enter the funding source, FOAP, etc. 
  1. At any time before submitting, you may save your progress by clicking the “SAVE PROGRESS” button at bottom of If you do not save progress, you will need to start over during a future session. 
  1. When ready to submit, sign and date the form (electronically) and select the “SUBMIT FORM” button at bottom of the page. 
  1. Once submitted, this form will route to various areas for review and signature.
    See the timeline below: 

Nov 30             Deadline for requests to be submitted 

Dec 31             Department Head/SLT/NLT review, sign & submit process 

Jan - Feb          Capital Programs Project Managers develop scope and budget.
                       You may be contacted by the project manager for more information. 

March               Capital Programs/Facility Services reviews & scores requests

March               Capital Programs Coordinator collects & processes requests

April - May        NLT reviews and approves requests

June                 Board approval 

July 1               CER process can begin
                        If your request was approved, a Project Manager will be in contact.