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Capital Expenditure Request (CER)

How to request a Capital Expenditure Request (CER)

  1. Log in to myNorthwest and click Employee Resources on the left menu. Click Facility Services Forms and Documentation to access the CER Form.
  2. Provide the information requested on the CER Form.
  3. Quotes/estimates, specs, photos, etc., can be uploaded as attachments.
  4. Funding information must be entered (FOAP).
  5. At any time before submitting, you may save your progress by clicking the “SAVE PROGRESS” button at bottom of form. If you do not save progress, you will need to start over during a future session.
  6. When ready to submit, sign and date the form (electronically) and select the “SUBMIT FORM” button at bottom of the page.
  7. Once submitted, Capital Programs will assign a CER name and number before electronically routing for review and approval signatures from the various areas, as required:
    1. Environmental Health & Safety
    2. Director/Chair/Associate Provost
    3. Information Technology
    4. Auxiliary Services
    5. University Advancement
    6. Director of Capital Programs
    7. Director of Facility Services
    8. Director of Purchasing
    9. NLT Member (primary)
    10. NLT Member (secondary)
    11. AVP Facility Services
    12. Finance CER Team
    13. VP of Finance & Administration
    14. President (>=$300,000)
    15. Board of Regents (>=$1.0m)
  8. You will receive an email notification containing a link to track the routing progress.
  9. Once the CER has been approved, you will receive an email notification with a link to the document. You may now continue with your next step (bid, order, etc.).

If CER request amount increases by $25 or more AFTER approval signatures then an Amended Capital Expenditure Request (ACER) (myNorthwest login required).