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Registration Guide


Schedule Appointment and Prepare for Advisement Meeting

Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor during the preregistration period. Prepare for your advisement meeting by reviewing your Degree Audit, academic plan, and considering any questions you have for your academic advisor. Use Northwest Scheduler to add courses and create a draft schedule for the upcoming term. Your academic advisor may ask you to share your draft schedule before the advisement meeting or ask that you bring it to your advisement meeting.


Meet with your academic advisor

Your academic advisement meeting is a great opportunity to discuss your class schedule created in Northwest Scheduler, go over your academic plan and timeline for graduation, ask general questions, and discuss topics such as resolving holds on your account, prerequisites and course sequencing, and incorporating profession-based learning opportunities.

Following your advisement meeting, your advisor will provide you a personalized ALT-PIN which is needed to complete the registration process.


Register for the upcoming semester

If you followed steps 1 and 2, registration should take a matter of minutes once your enrollment window opens! Use Northwest Scheduler to finalize your schedule, including suggestions from your advisement meeting, and send your schedule to the Registration Cart. Click Register to complete the registration process.


Pay your tuition and fees

A monthly billing statement is produced with amounts due on, or before, the 15th of the following month. Students will receive their fall billing statement in mid-July, their spring billing statement in mid-December, and summer billing statement mid-April. Full payment must be made on or before the due date to avoid late fees. Payment plan options are available. For more information about billing and payments, visit Billing and Payments.


Complete Online Verification

Undergraduate students are required to complete online verification on CatPAWS prior to each semester. Online verification will open a few weeks before the semester begins and must be completed prior to the first day of the semester to avoid classes being dropped, etc.