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Climbing Courses

To learn more or schedule a program at MOERA, contact Campus Recreation at or 660.562.1606.

MOERA Climbing Course - Carolina (top left), Apline (top right), Odessey (bottom)

The Climbing Course at MOERA is comprised of a low elements course (Team Development Course, groundwork), Carolina Climbing Wall, Alpine Tower, and Odyssey III high ropes course. We are dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and productive challenge environment. We are happy to design a custom challenge course program that will meet your specific needs.

A typical program includes:

  1. Icebreakers
  2. Energizers
  3. Safety Instruction
  4. Low and/or high element challenges
  5. Debrief

Climbing Course Programming includes:

  • Debrief
  • Develop climbing skills in our for credit climbing class
  • Team building
  • Character development
  • Goal accomplishment
  • Trust building
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Building compassion and confidence
  • Stretching personal limits
  • Having fun

Who can benefit from a MOERA Climbing Course program?

  • University organizations and departments
  • Student organizations
  • Leadership groups
  • Community organizations
  • Sports teams
  • Business and corporate groups
  • Youth groups
  • Church groups


$60 deposit required to confirm your program. Prices for Groups of 8-16 participants. Please email for smaller/larger groups.

*Northwest students can use MOERA ropes programs free of charge.  Additional fees may apply.  Must make a reservation.

Ropes Program, Non-Northwest Students Length University Groups  External Groups
Challenge Course, Team Building (Odyssey) 3 Hours $30/person $40/person
Challenge Course, Team Building (Odyssey) 6 Hours $40/person $50/person
Climbing Structures (Alpine Tower, Carolina Wall) 3 Hours $30/person $40/person
Climbing Structures (Alpine Tower, Carolina Wall) 6 Hours $50/person $60/person