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Sexual Assault and Rape Prevention

How do you avoid becoming a victim?

Unfortunately, there are not foolproof methods to counter sexual assault. But there are precautionary measures that can significantly reduce your chances of attack. If you are a victim of sexual assault please contact the University Police ASAP or you can talk to a counselor 24/7 by calling 660.562.1972.

Help yourself and other develop a sixth sense about rape awareness. It's the best weapon you have.

At home always:

  • Lock your doors, windows, and use the peephole.
  • Pull curtains at night.
  • Ask service and delivery men for required identification. If you have doubts, check their company, or call the University Police.
  • Hang up immediately on obscene phone calls; notify the University Police
  • Know your neighbors.
  • Watch for strangers in the area.

At home Never:

  • Open your door to strangers or admit them inside. If they need assistance, offer to make phone calls for them.
  • Leave doors or windows unlocked.
  • Hide a key outside.
  • Leave notes about your whereabouts on your planned return.
  • Reveal to telephone callers that you are alone, or give out personal information.

Most people imagine a rapist as a stranger waiting behind bushes. But most often, rape victims are raped by someone they know. Regardless of who the rapist is, rape is a crime. It is a violent act that can cause great emotional and physical damage.

What is Date Rape?

Date rape, or acquaintance rape, is when someone you know forces you to have sex. Date rape is very serious, and it's common. It has nothing to do with love or a healthy sexual relationship - it's a violent crime.

Why Does Date Rape Happen?

  • Sex Role Stereotypes. Many people believe that men should be competitive and aggressive, and women yielding and passive.
  • Mixed Messages. Date rape can occur when a man, thinking a woman is "playing hard to get" believes she really means "yes" when she says "no." Mixed messages may be communicated verbally or through body language.
  • Poor communication. The potential for date rape exist when two people do not have a clear understanding of each other's sexual intentions and expectations.
  • Learned violence. Violence is often seen as an acceptable way to solve problems, so some men feel it is okay to use force to get what they want from a woman.

Know Your Sexual Rights and Responsibilities

Women and men should know - you have the right to:

  • Dress as you please.
  • Agree to have sex with someone and then change your mind at any time.
  • Be treated with respect at all times.

You have the responsibility to:

  • Talk openly and honestly about your sexual expectation, wishes and intentions.
  • Assert yourself by standing up for your rights.
  • Take an equal role in your relationships with men.
  • Reject sexual stereotypes that define women as passive, weak and irrational.

Women and men should know - you don't have the right to pressure or force anyone to have sex, even if:

  • You paid for the dinner or a night out.
  • You've had sex with the person before.
  • The person agrees to have sex and then changes their mind.