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Sexual Assault and Rape Prevention

How do you avoid becoming a victim?

Unfortunately, there are not foolproof methods to counter sexual assault. But there are precautionary measures that can significantly reduce your chances of attack. If you are a victim of sexual assault please contact the University Police ASAP or you can talk to a counselor 24/7 by calling 660.562.1972.

Help yourself and other develop a sixth sense about rape awareness. It's the best weapon you have.

At home always:

At home Never:

Most people imagine a rapist as a stranger waiting behind bushes. But most often, rape victims are raped by someone they know. Regardless of who the rapist is, rape is a crime. It is a violent act that can cause great emotional and physical damage.

What is Date Rape?

Date rape, or acquaintance rape, is when someone you know forces you to have sex. Date rape is very serious, and it's common. It has nothing to do with love or a healthy sexual relationship - it's a violent crime.

Why Does Date Rape Happen?

Know Your Sexual Rights and Responsibilities

Women and men should know - you have the right to:

You have the responsibility to:

Women and men should know - you don't have the right to pressure or force anyone to have sex, even if: