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Hazardous Materials/Chemical Release

Chemical Spills - Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health

If the individual or individuals responsible for the material feel the chemical spill poses an immediate threat to them or others, the following procedures shall apply.

  1. Immediately notify building occupants in the area where the spill has occurred. Notify University Police at 660.562.1254. Request University Police to shut down the HVAC system for your building. Give the following information:
  2. Building name and/or number:
  3. Floor number:
  4. Room number:
  5. Type of incident:
  6. Chemical(s) involved (if known):
  7. Estimate volume of material(s) involved:
  8. If you are in the immediate area of the chemical emergency, evacuate the area and report to the pre-designated safe area. Make every attempt possible to direct evacuating personnel away from the immediate spill area.
  9. If you come into physical contact with the spilled material immediately remove any contaminated clothing and flush all areas of bodily contact with large amounts of water for fifteen minutes. Use a safety shower if one is available.
  10. Ensure that medical assistance is obtained for those injured or exposed.