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Medical Emergency/Ambulance

  1. Do not move a seriously injured person unless he or she is in a life-threatening situation.
  2. Render first-aid or CPR only if you have been trained.
    • Use protective gloves and barrier devices to protect yourself from bodily fluids.
  3. Do not leave the injured person except to summon help.
  4. Summon help by calling University Police at 660.562.1254.
  5. When reporting a medical emergency, provide the following information:
    • Type of emergency (passed out, seizure, fall, accident etc.)
    • Specific location of the incident (building, floor, room number etc.)
    • Location of the victim
    • Condition of the victim (ie, conscious/not conscious, breathing/not breathing, bleeding etc.)
    • Any dangerous conditions
  6. Stay on the line with University Police Dispatcher until help arrives so that any additional information needed by responding personnel may be obtained.
  7. Comfort the victim until emergency medical services arrive.
  8. Have someone stand by outside the building to flag down the ambulance when it reaches the vicinity.
  9. If you are exposed to another person's body fluids, wash the exposed area and contact your supervisor or Wellness Services at 660.562.1348.