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Burglary, Theft and Crime Prevention

The vast majority of crimes on the University campus are the result of opportunity and can be prevented. Northwest's crime prevention program is based on the dual concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities and encouraging students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others.

The following are some ways to prevent theft:

  • When leaving your residence room, home, or office, lock doors and windows -- even if you will be gone for "just a minute."
  • Never leave purses, wallets, or valuables exposed; store them out of sight. Be especially careful with your credit cards.
  • Computers, especially if they are portable, are primary targets of theft.
  • Register items with University Police under the Operation ID program.
  • Never prop open a locked door.
  • Record the serial numbers, brand names and a description of your property.
  • Do not loan out keys.
  • Use the "lock" feature on your cell phone, and do not give out your password.
  • Keep all documents containing critical and personal information in a safe location (social security number, date of birth, 919 number, etc.).
  • Report all lost or stolen Northwest ID's immediately to University Police at 660.562.1254.