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Policies and Fees

Use of Official University Photos

  • Northwest Missouri State University maintains full copyright control of photos, including rights to any images taken during assignment shoots booked through Multimedia Services. Images may not be copied, reproduced or used without permission by the University Marketing and Communication office.
  • When provided with an image from Multimedia Services, you are given rights to the use of the image for an agreed upon purpose. No copyright permission is transferred and permission is not implied for future use.
  • You may not sell or distribute images provided by Multimedia Services or use the image in any way that could be considered defamatory, libelous, obscene, immoral or fraudulent to Northwest Missouri State University.
  • Digital manipulation of university photos is not allowed outside of University Marketing and Communication office.

* Personnel wishing to create printed materials should begin their project by contacting the design services team in University Marketing and Communication.

Free Services Provided

  • University departments are not charged for multimedia services that serve the University strategic plan or purpose. *
  • Digital photos will be provided free of charge for University web pages, Power Point presentations by faculty and staff.
  • Faculty and staff may have their headshots taken for academic publications.

*A University purpose promotes the institution's interests such as promoting academia, recruiting students and maintaining financial support.

Photo and Videotape Policy (from Handbook)

Northwest takes photographs and videotapes of students throughout the year. These images often include students in classrooms, labs, residence halls, athletic events and other University activities. Northwest reserves the right to use these photographs and videotapes in the promotion of the University. Students who enroll at Northwest do so with the understanding that photographs and videotapes may be taken which would include them and which may be used in University publications, newspapers and other media for promotional purposes including advertising and marketing. Names of students may also be released to the press regarding student involvement in academic and extracurricular activities.