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A Guide to Event Planning at Northwest


The purpose of this guide is to assist students, faculty and staff with event planning at Northwest. Events are most successful when they are well organized and planned in advance. The events that you plan define the quality of your organization or department. They also have a direct reflection on the University and its public image.

The use of this guide will make your planning easier, less stressful and more successful. If you have questions regarding the "nuts and bolts" of planning an event, you may contact the Office of University Marketing and Communication at ext. 1143.


The Office of University Marketing and Communication provides publicity for campus events through campus media and regional media outlets. Important information about your event should be communicated to the Office of University Marketing and Communication at least 10 days prior to the event for the optimal benefit of media coverage. Information received late will result in less publicity. Information for local media release may be submitted by contacting University Marketing and Communication, at ext. 1704.

Signage not created in the publications area of the Office of University Marketing and Communication must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Involvement coordinator located on the second floor of the Union in the Student Affairs Office.


Advertising may be purchased from the Northwest Missourian, The Maryville Daily Forum, KNIM Radio, KZLX Radio and other media sources. Ads may be placed in one of two ways. You may inform our marketing specialist, Brandon Stanley, at ext. 1628 of your advertising requests, and the Office of University Marketing and Communication will produce the ad and place it in the media source(s) of your choice. If the organization or department has a university budget account, a signed purchase request should be submitted at the time the advertisement is ordered. The other way to purchase advertising is to place the ad yourself. Remember to refer to the University as "Northwest" or "Northwest Missouri State University" rather than "NWMSU" in all your advertisements. For departmental accounts, advertising is treated as an operating expense.


Use the online project request form »

Facility Reservations

Checking the availability of a desired room will sometimes be the driving force in setting a date for your event and should always be one of your first priorities in planning. Reservations are accepted several months in advance. It should be noted, however, that the availability of some facilities is limited during certain times of the year. For example, facility space is difficult to reserve around Homecoming and near the end of each semester.

Facility reservations for rooms in the following venues are made by contacting:

Nikki Bucy - Auxiliary Services - 660-562-1430
J.W. Jones Student Union rooms
Ballroom theatre style seating - 500
Ballroom banquet - up to 400
The Station
Centennial Garden
Memorial Bell Tower
All university classrooms
Raymond J. Courter College Park Pavilion (outdoor amphitheatre)

Nikki Hackett - Office Manager of Fine and Performing Arts - 660-562-1326
Mary Linn Auditorium in the Ron Houston Center for the Performing Arts (holds approx. 1,088)
Charles Johnson Theatre (holds approx. 550)
Olive DeLuce Fine Arts Building
Fire Arts Building

Rob Veasey - Director of Recreational Sports - 660-562-1725
Bearcat Arena
Martindale Gym
Student Recreation Center
Bearcat Stadium
All athletic fields

Carma Kinman - Executive Assistant for Advancement - 660-562-1842
Alumni House


If you wish University President John Jasinski to speak at your event, please make your request to the president's administrative specialist, Kiersten Orton, ext. 1110, as soon as possible. Requests should be submitted at least six weeks in advance if at all possible. It should be noted that there are times when Dr. Jasinski is unexpectedly called out of town and, consequently, some of his appointments have to be rescheduled or canceled. The provost, Dr. Jamie Hooyman, may speak on his behalf. When scheduling Dr. Jasinski to speak, please indicate date, time and location, what you would like him to speak about and any other pertinent information.

Other speakers can be referred to you by University Marketing and Communication, at ext. 1143.


If your event will attract off-campus visitors to the campus, you will need to inform them of a designated parking area for their use. Contact the University Police Director, Clarence Green at ext. 1254 to assist in identifying the best parking lot to use. You may obtain visitor or guest parking passes from University Police or the Student Services Center to send to the event participants if you so desire. You should consult University Police about parking issues at least two weeks in advance of your event. If one of your visitors receives a parking ticket that you feel in inappropriate, contact University Police.

Events Involving Area Schools

Some of the most complex events held on the Northwest campus are the contests and competitions involving students from area junior high and secondary schools. Many of these activities are considered excellent recruitment opportunities, not only for the college or department sponsoring the activity, but for the entire University as well. Therefore, the Office of Admissions should be notified of these events to allow for the preparation of information booth, campus tours or other recruitment efforts. It is also beneficial to provide the Office of University Marketing and Communication with pre-event promotional materials and post-event results for news releases.

Buses and Other University Vehicles

University vehicles may be used both on and off campus for events. Because of limitations to the size of the bus and fleet vehicles, reservations for their use should be made at least one month in advance. Vehicles may be used for day or overnight trips as long as the rules and restrictions regarding the use of University automobiles are adhered to. Contact ext. 1354 to check availability and make reservations for fleet vehicles.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists and labels for currently enrolled students must be requested through Heather Kline in the Office of the Registrar by calling ext. 1151. Lists involving more specific information such as hometown, grade classification, major, etc., are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

Requests for current faculty and staff labels may be submitted to Beth Wales in the Office of Human Resources at ext. 1127. Indicate your preference of home or campus address.

Mailing lists and labels for entering freshmen may be requested through the Admissions Office at ext. 1146.

Mailing lists for alumni and emeriti faculty can be obtained by e-mailing your request to Brenda Untiedt in the Advancement Office at ext. 1248 or

Financial Matters

When charging fees for materials, meals, etc., process all monies through a University revolving account. Please contact the Controller's Office at ext. 1579 for an approved account. Specific money management procedures must be followed regarding event fee. Please contact the Bursar's Office at ext. 1103 for information pertaining to:

  1. wording within publicity brochures describing payment instructions to customers
  2. billing steps
  3. balancing receipts and deposits
  4. depositing receipts with the Cashiering Office
  5. processing refunds to customers

Other Things to Consider

There are several people across campus that will play an important role in your event planning. You need to make sure to contact them and not assume that just because you have reserved a room, everything will be in place.

  • set-up for rooms in the Union (table/chair placement, microphones, podium) - Nikki Bucy, x1430
  • tables/chairs for outdoor events or locations other than the Union - Mike Striplin, x1508
  • tables/chairs at the Pavilion and College Park - Nikki Bucy, x1430
  • outdoor electricity needs - Rick Allen, x1355
  • grounds clean-up or extra trashcans for outdoor events - Chris Redden, x1650
  • large tent rental - Facility Services, x1183
  • golf cart for special needs guests - Brenda Untiedt, x1248 or Facility Services, x1181
  • portable heaters for outdoor events - Rick Allen Teaney, x1355
  • portable sound system for outdoor events - Rick Allen, x1355
  • musicians - Bill Richardson, x1316


You might want to consider giving a memento to the guests at your event. Almost any item you can imagine can be imprinted with the University Logo or name. Several companies have online catalogs to get ideas and pricing information.

A few are:,, and

You can place the order yourself or contact University Marketing and Communication for assistance.

Final Words on Planning Your Event

Remember that the key to a successful program is the careful planning and organization that precedes it. Begin planning well in advance and take the time to double check on arrangements. It is better to be safe than sorry. As previously stated, the events and activities that a department or organization plans often reflect the quality of its operation.