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Branding & Logos Usage Guidelines

Northwest Missouri State University strives to present a clear, consistent, high-quality visual identity through the use of its logo and institution name on all printed publications. Campus constituents, including faculty, staff, departments, offices and auxiliaries (Bearcat Shop and Sodexo) shall comply with these guidelines. Area merchants and the media are also requested to adopt these guidelines. For more information about Northwest logos, please contact Brandon Stanley at

The following standards guides contain the usage guidelines for university logos and typography. These graphic standards provide a set of guidelines in order for the University to effectively communicate to all key constituents. 

School Colors

Northwest's school colors are forest green and white. When ordering printing, Northwest green is PMS 342 in the Pantone Matching System.

Northwest Green - PMS 342 | Hex Code #006747

Northwest 'N' Logo

All files are transparent and in .png format.

N Double-Stacked

N Double-Stacked

N Triple-Stacked

N Triple-Stacked

N Horizontal

N Horizontal

N Horizontal - All Campuses

N Horizontal - All Campuses

N Monogram

Northwest Monogram logo

  • Black (PNG)
  • Green (PNG)
  • White Fill (PNG)
  • White Outline only (PNG)



The Bearcat Paw and Bobby Bearcat

The Bearcat paw and Bobby Bearcat caricature are registered trademarks. Both elements can only be used with permission from Tucker Quinn, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing, Promotions and Licensing, at

University Name

The name of the University is "Northwest Missouri State University," and the accepted shortened form is "Northwest" or "Northwest Missouri State." No use of NWMSU or NW is allowed on any printed item, in any reference, through any electronic device or in any University correspondence.

University Seal

The University seal is only used on official University documents, i.e., diplomas.

Miscellaneous Uses of University Logo or Name

Print Advertisements

All advertisements placed in print media must contain the University logo used in the same way as it would be used on a publication. All print ads must be coordinated through Brandon Stanley, assistant vice president of marketing and communication.

Radio Ads/Interviews on Radio and TV

Care must be taken when dealing with the electronic media to refer to Northwest as "Northwest Missouri State University," "Northwest Missouri State," "Northwest" or the University. Never use NWMSU or NW.

Exhibits and Displays

Exhibits and displays representing the University should prominently display the University logo or name. One additional note to departments that set up displays for recruitment or other purposes: Please use the latest versions of all publications.

Giveaways and Novelty Items

Such items, if ordered with University funds, may not contain the initials NWMSU or NW. The N logo may be used on items of this type, following guidelines previously outlined, but it is not always required due to the nature of such imprinting. Use the project request form for design assistance of artwork.