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Student Belongings

The University reserves the right to restrict the use of personal appliances, furniture, musical instruments, extra refrigerators, etc., and similar items. 

Insurance: Property

The University does not assume responsibility for the personal property of students.  All personal property brought on campus shall be at the resident’s own risk. Residents desiring protection of personal belongings should check on coverage provided by family homeowner’s policies or make arrangements to purchase their own renter's insurance policies.

Abandoned Property

Any property in the Northwest Missouri State University residence halls is considered abandoned following the last day of the official occupancy. Any such property may be stored, at the convenience of the University, for a period of 90 days before final disposition. Residents wishing to claim property that has been left behind may be charged a storage fee. The University will assume no responsibility for items that are abandoned.


Any appliances with exposed heating elements are strictly prohibited.  This includes toasters and toaster ovens.  Induction cookers – as they do not generate a transfer of heat directly from the cooker – are permitted.

Barbeque Grills

Grilling or barbecuing with a charcoal grill (no propane grills allowed) may be done outside the residence halls and apartments and should always be done at a safe distance away from any building or vehicle.   Vinyl siding on buildings will melt from a hot barbecue. Grilling is not permitted indoors.  

Grills must be attended at all times when there are hot coals. Use only those lighter fluids specifically designed for barbecue control. Grease splatters must immediately be cleaned up from the area.

After You Grill

Grills must be stored in your room/apartment once they are cooled.  Lighter fluid and charcoal may not be stored within campus housing.  Never leave lighter fluid setting outside or unattended.

Disposing of Hot Coals

Do not throw away warm or hot coals in the dumpsters, trash receptacle, or on the ground. When you are finished cooking, douse the coals with water so that there are no hot coals left.  Dispose of them in the dumpsters after they have cooled (do not throw on the ground, parking lot, etc.).

If students dispose of warm or hot coals improperly, they may be charged a safety fine.

Permanently installed grills are located at the Station and FVA Community Building for resident use.


Bicycles are welcome on campus; bike-racks are provided outside each residence hall and the apartments. Bikes should be removed from the outside racks with the advent of snow since damage could result from snow-removal equipment. Bicycles will need to be removed at the end of the academic year. Any left will be treated as abandoned property and will be removed within 30 days. 

Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment (i.e., televisions, stereos, and hairdryers) is allowed for use in residence hall rooms and apartments. Because of limited space, it is advisable that one waits and consults with assigned roommates to avoid duplications. All electrical items should carry the approved "UL" label.

A student found in possession of unapproved appliances or electronic devices will be documented for disciplinary action.


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Power Strips & Extension Cords

Only multiple outlet strips with built-in circuit breakers are allowed. Regular household extension cords are prohibited due to fire safety.


The University assumes no liability for claims of loss, injury, or damage to persons or property incidental to the occupancy or use of the residence halls and apartments.  Each resident accepts full responsibility for the safety and security of their personal property. The student agrees to hold the University harmless and indemnify it from any and all liability resulting from the use of the residence hall by the student. 


Microwaves are allowed in resident rooms. There can only be one in each room. Microwaves are to be compact and 700 watts or less. All microwaves must be plugged into a power strip extension cord that has a built-in circuit breaker. 


Gas powered mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles are required to have parking permits. For safety reasons, none of these vehicles are allowed in or near the residence halls. 


Residents may bring their own refrigerators, but they must not exceed 5 cubic feet with 2.5 amperage. Refrigerators must be removed from the halls at the end of the academic year/termination of housing agreement. 


Scooters are permitted in the halls and rooms only if necessary as an aid for disability purposes.  Prior to storage and/or use in the halls, all scooters must receive prior approval by the Hall Director.

Vandalism & Theft

To ensure the safeguarding of possessions, the University provides locks on room and apartment doors.  Keys are provided to each resident. All residents are urged to keep their room/apartment doors locked. In the event of theft or vandalism, the resident should notify their RA/SA or Hall/Complex Director, and contact University Police.  The University is not responsible for items lost due to theft or vandalism, and students are encouraged to carry personal property insurance.