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Residence Hall Policies

Alcohol/Drug Policy

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession/or in the presence, or use of alcohol or a controlled substance is prohibited on the Northwest Missouri State University campus, regardless of age. Alcohol paraphernalia (empty bottles/cans, bongs, cases, etc.) is not permitted in university housing or anywhere on campus. The only regular exception to this policy is the designated tailgating area during Bearcat home football games.  Alcohol laws are enforced in the area.  Violators of the alcohol policy are subject to University discipline.

For more information, refer to the complete Drug and Alcohol Policy in the Northwest Student Handbook View PDF.

Those seeking help with alcohol or drug problems may receive confidential assistance from the Counseling Center.

Cans, Bottles, and Containers

Displays of alcoholic beverage containers are prohibited in the residence halls. Empty soda cans are not permitted. After use, all soda and plastic containers should be recycled or disposed of appropriately. 

Escort Policy

Security and safety of each resident is a primary concern, and the conduct of any guest is the responsibility of the resident being visited. As such, all guests of the opposite sex should be escorted during "visitation hours" (See Visitation.) Escort policies may vary from hall to hall. Escort hours are 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. 


The visitation policy applies specifically to guests of the opposite sex, indicating the time frame during which guests may visit a resident's room. Main lounges in each residence hall are 24 hour visitation. Guests visiting a building are responsible for knowing and observing the visitation hours established for that residence hall. See cohabitation, escort and guest polices for further information. 

Hudson-Perrin, Dieterich, Franken, Millikan, Tower Suites (freshmen floors only) and South Complex (freshmen floors only). 

  • Sunday-Saturday 24 hour visitation 

Roberta, South Complex, Franken (upper-class floors only), Tower Suites (upper-class floors only) and Forest Village Apartments

  • Sunday-Saturday 24 hour visitation


Guests are defined as individuals who are not contractual occupants of the specific room in question. University regulations prohibit the use of the residence hall room by anyone other than the regularly-assigned resident. In order to provide a secure environment and to protect the rights of all the residents, the following policies have been established for residents and their guests:

  • Guests must be approved by the host’s roommate(s).
  • Guests must abide by all policies of the residence halls and floors, with guests and hosts mutually responsible for the conduct of the guest. Guests not observing University or Residential Life policies may be escorted from the building and restricted from further access. Residents are subject to disciplinary action for the inappropriate behavior of their guests.
  • Each guest should be accompanied by a host at all times. Any person not in the presence of a host may be escorted from the building and restricted from future access.
  • Guests of the opposite sex are permitted on floors in accordance with the visitation policy.
  • The length of stay for any overnight guest may not exceed three consecutive nights in a 30-day period. Overnight guests are permitted only if the guest does not violate the visitation policy.
  • All guests must use gender appropriate bathroom facilities. Guests may use shower facilities located on floors occupied by same-sex residents.
  • Consideration for roommates and other floor residents dictates that guests do not infringe on another's rights and quiet enjoyment of the facilities.
  • Any overnight guest must request temporary parking permit.  These can be requested at Office of Student Account Services in the Administration Building or at University Police. 


Residential Life fully supports University computing policies and will report violations to the Information Technology department.  It is each student's responsibility to review and follow all Northwest computing policies.

Cooking & Cooking Areas

Due to sanitation, health, and safety, cooking in the residence halls is permitted only in designated areas. Cooking-type appliances permitted in the rooms are popcorn poppers, hot pots, coffee makers and microwaves.

Dishes and other personal items left in common areas (i.e., ironing rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) will be considered abandoned property. The items will be taken to the front desk and put into lost and found or thrown away upon finding them. The University will assume no responsibility for items that are abandoned. 

Cooking Areas

For your convenience, kitchenettes are available in all residence halls, the Station, and FVA Community Building. Pots, pans and other cooking utensils are available from the front desk and will vary from hall to hall. Residents are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.