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Residency Requirements

Housing Residency Requirement

All first-time freshmen must live in the residence halls unless they are married, at least 21 years of age, or are commuting from their parents' or guardian's primary residence. Students not living in the residence halls must complete the "Commuting to Northwest" card (included in the acceptance packet from Admissions). Students who have attained sophomore status (not including dual-enrolled credits) are eligible to live in housing of their choice.

Commuting to Campus?

All first-time freshmen are required to live in the residence halls unless they are 21, married, or commuting from home. If you are a freshman who meets the commuting criteria, a returning student, or a transfer student and prefer not to live on campus, you will be admitted as a commuting student.

Transfer and returning students with fewer than 30 hours of college credit (not including dual-enrolled credit) and who are not yet 21 years of age or married must complete the "Commuting to Northwest" card. Apartments and other rental properties in Maryville are limited; therefore, housing should be secured as early as possible before the start of the term.

The "Commuting to Northwest" card should be completed and returned within two weeks of receiving it. Note: The "Commuting to Northwest" card must be completed fully including notary signature and stamp before the card will be reviewed for approval. Having trouble getting the card notarized, contact us.

For questions regarding first-time freshman housing requirements and commuting to campus, please call Residential Life at 660.562.1214 or email