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Prohibited Items

Antennas/Satellite Dishes

For safety purposes, residents are not permitted to have antennas, satellite dishes, or any other apparatus outside their residence hall room. 

Candles & Incense

Residence Halls

Candles and incense are prohibited in the residence halls. Any open-flame burning is not permitted in resident rooms and chapter rooms due to possible fire hazards.

Ceremonial Exception: Candles may be burned in Roberta Hall Sorority Chapter rooms, during ceremonies, with prior written permission from the Hall Director. Electric potpourri pots and wax warmers are allowed. 

Forest Village Apartments

Residents and guests shall make every effort to minimize the risk of fire. The University understands the occasional use of candles for a variety of purposes; however, all candle usage should be limited to minimize the risk of fire. A candle should never be left unattended. No taper candles may be used and only candles that are contained in a container (i.e., metal, glass, etc.). Electric potpourri pots and wax warmers are permitted.  Incense is not permitted.

Clotheslines/Clothes Rack

No ropes, clotheslines, or other items may be tied or attached to University property. Freestanding umbrella clotheslines also may not be used. Only indoor freestanding racks may be used within individual apartments and rooms, not in common areas (i.e., hallways).

Darts & Dartboards

Due to the potential for personal injury and property damage, darts and dartboards are not allowed in campus housing.

Halogen & Sun Lamp Light Bulbs

Due to fire safety, the use of halogen bulbs or sun lamps of any kind are prohibited in campus housing.

Hazardous/Explosive Materials

Flammable liquids, commercial-use toxic materials, and explosives (i.e., fireworks) are not permitted in the residence halls or apartments at anytime. 


Due to safety concerns, the University bans the use of hoverboards (also known as self-balancing scooters or smart boards) on University campus and prohibits the use of these devices on campus grounds. 

Space Heaters

Due to fire safety, the use of space heaters are not permitted in campus housing.


Due to structural stress imposed on the building and because of the great variety in quality, waterbeds are not permitted in any resident room. No water furnishings of any kind are allowed in University housing. 


Firearms, bows and /or arrows, stun guns, other weapons, knives with blades longer than three inches, fireworks, ammunition, or explosives of any description are not permitted in the residence halls or apartments at any time. Starter pistols, paintball guns, and other projectile devices are also not permitted. 

Students who need to bring weapons to campus (i.e. hunting rifles) may store them with University Police in their secure weapons lock-up.  For more information, call University Police at 660.562.1254.

Window Air Conditioner Units

For safety reasons, window air conditioner units are not to be installed in any residence hall room or apartment.