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Financial Assistance Exit Interviews

If you have received student loans at any time while attending Northwest, it is a federal requirement that you complete an exit counseling session. For subsidized and unsubsidized direct loans, go to and read and complete the exit session. For Perkins Loans and Bearcat Loans, visit the Office of Student Account Services for exit information.

You will receive information from lenders encouraging you to consolidate your loans. If you have consolidated previously, you may consolidate again only if you have a new loan that was not included in the first consolidation. The interest rate on consolidated loans is a fixed rate using a weighted average of the loans being consolidated. Please carefully study consolidation offers to make sure you are selecting the one that is best for you. While you may choose any lender you want, you may wish to use the direct loan program. More information about the direct loan consolidation program is available at

Note: Be aware that once a consolidation loan is booked with a lender, payments begin immediately. You should therefore wait to begin the consolidation process until you are near the end of your six-month grace period.