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Congratulations from Career Services!

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from Career Services! No matter what your plans are after graduation we have some resources to help.

Employment Track

  • Evaluate employment options. Network with professionals in your field at Northwest career events.
  • Consider your location preferences.
  • Attend events sponsored by Career Services. Come into the office to discuss your own individualized post-graduate plan.
  • Complete a final draft of your resume.
  • Fine-tune your interviewing skills. Review common interview questions and participate in mock interviews.
  • Review employment opportunities through Hire A Bearcat, and other Internet resources that meet your job search criteria.
  • Build your resume through internship experiences now or post-graduation.

You can see information on where previous Northwest graduates are now employed by visiting our Post-Grad Data page

Grad School Track

You can learn more about Graduate school options on our Grad School page.

Get Ahead Steps

  • Continue to build and utilize your personal network. Contact friends, family, past work supervisors, and alums that can provide advice about entering into the field/industry of your choice.
  • Conduct research on employers within your field/industry of interest. Review professional journals, employer directories, and information available directly from the employer.
  • Investigate post-graduate internships to gain experience while conducting your job search for full-time employment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.