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Event Planning

Office of Student Involvement can help you with event planning!  Use the tools below, or come to the Office of Student Involvement on the 2nd floor of the J.W. Jones Student Union for  ideas, tips & tricks and who to ask for what!

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Event Planning

  • When you choose a place for your event, try to take into account everything that could go wrong.
  • Have a secondary plan in case of bad weather.
  • Reserve your place in advance, allowing plenty on time that day to complete the event.
  • Assure that your location has all necessary lights and power sources.
  • Ask if the location requires any sort of insurance policy or liability forms.  When dealing with insurance issues, have all players involved sign a consent form.
  • If the event is on campus, make sure you go through the proper authorities in reserving the facility, especially if hosting a speaker.
  • It might be helpful to make an accurate map of how to get to the event or service project, so that participating chapters will be able to make it on time.


Office of Student Involvement has prepared a event blueprint View PDf for planning most any event!  Use it, customize it for yourself and keep as a tool for your organization.

University Marketing and Communication has put together an event planning guide.  The purpose of this guide is to assist students, faculty and staff with event planning at Northwest. Events are most successful when they are well organized and planned in advance. The events that you plan define the quality of your organization or department. They also have a direct reflection on the University and its public image.

The use of this guide will make your planning easier, less stressful and more successful. If you have questions regarding the "nuts and bolts" of planning an event, you may contact the Office of University Marketing and Communication at ext. 1143.

This guide can be found here:

If you have needs for special rental equipment, please visit the Facility Services website:

Showing Movies on Campus

Can we show a movie on campus?

Movies are a great way to reach out to other students and community members, but most are copyrighted and cannot be legally shown in a public setting without the proper permission from the copyright. It does not matter whether or not you charge attendance, collect donations or that the showing is free. The following are some brief guidelines that you should follow when considering whether or not you can show a movie as part of your planned activities.


Do I need To Obtain Public Performance Rights?


  • If the screening is open to the public, for example, if you are advertising it to the entire campus community as an event for others to attend.
  • If the screening is in a location where access is not restricted.
  • If the persons in attendance are outside the normal circle of family and acquaintances, such as showing a film to a club or organization, or showing a film for class but inviting others to attend.


  • If privately viewing the film in your room with your friends.
  • If an instructor is showing the film as an “integral part of a class session” and is supervised by an instructor in a classroom and attended only by students enrolled in a registered course.

More information on Copyright and Public Performing Rights is available from Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. at


Do I need a license for a movie released in the public domain?



Where can I get Public Performance Rights for a film?

There are a variety of ways to get public performance rights for a film. Many titles are available from the following sources:

Please contact the Office of Student Involvement with any questions about how to acquire Public Performance Rights, or if you are unsure if you need Public Performance Rights for the film you are interested in showing.