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Theatre Scholarships

Theatre scholarships at Northwest are awarded annually to New First-Year Theatre Majors (including First-Year Transfer students) as well as Returning Theatre Majors and Minors on the basis of theatre accomplishments, academic excellence, and the availability of funds. 

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2023-2024 Scholarship Dates and Deadlines

First-Year Students (including Freshmen and Transfer Students)

Incoming First-Year students (including freshmen and transfer students) are invited to schedule a theatre program audition or interview. Auditions and interviews can be completed on campus or by video conference via Zoom.  

If you are traveling to campus for an admissions tour and are interested in having a scholarship audition that day, please mention this to your admissions counselor when scheduling your campus visit to confirm that it will fit into your daily schedule. Next, contact Fine & Performing Arts Department Chair, Dr. Joe Kreizinger ( and every effort will be made to accommodate your request to coordinate an audition and/or interview on the day of your campus visit.

We are unable to see any new student auditions after April 1, 2024 for students who are starting at Northwest in the Fall of 2024.

Audition Dates

To schedule your scholarship interview, please contact the theatre program at While any day is possible for a theatre scholarship audition (pending availability of faculty), you are encouraged to come to one of the three on-campus theatre scholarship opportunities.

Date(s) Details

October 4, 2023

In-person Audition/Interview times are available between 2 pm. and 5 pm. 





Please be aware that all scholarship offers are subject to availability funds.

After March 1, it is possible that we can still see students for scholarship interviews pending available funding. We are unable to see any new student auditions/interviews after April 1, 2024.

You must be a senior (or equivalent) or transfer student who will start college at Northwest Missouri State University in Fall 2023 as a theatre major (Theatre Performance, Theatre Tech/Design, Speech/Theatre Education, or Theatre) to be eligible to receive a theatre scholarship.

Audition/Interview Details

  • Students who are auditioning with monologues should prepare two contrasting pieces (about one minute each) from a published play to perform during their audition.
  • Students with a design or technical theatre focus should bring a portfolio or samples of their work to present to the faculty committee. You will have about 5 minutes to present your portfolio.
  • Members of the theatre faculty will interview each applicant about their theatre experience, college goals, and career goals after the student presents their work.
  • Students will be scheduled in 20-minute appointments to allow time to get to know one another and discuss the student's goals.
  • If you have any questions about scholarship auditions and interviews, please contact Joe Kreizinger, Theatre Scholarship Coordinator, via email at

Returning Theatre Majors and Minors

Students should use the Standard Scholarship Application to apply for Northwest Foundation and most major-specific scholarships. Students will be able to complete that application in CatPAWS under the Students tab.

Returning theatre students must also apply directly to the theatre program for Service Awards. That deadline will be announced on V-Callboard.

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