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2023-24 Audition Materials for Jazz Ensembles


  1. Click on the pdf file for your instrument below; follow all instructions, prepare all pages, and record/submit using the instructions below.
  2. Other required material for all instruments includes:
    1. 2 Major scales (multiple octaves whenever possible/appropriate; NO ARPEGGIOS)
    2. 2. Improvisation is optional. If you wish to be considered as a soloist, prepare some concert F Blues ( – two choruses)
    3. Jazz drum-set auditions, please play the following grooves (16 measures each): slow swing, bossa nova, jazz waltz, fast swing, and samba.

If the level of audition music is too difficult for you and you want to participate in the Studio Jazz Ensemble (MW 1:00-1:50) only, please email Dr. Richardson ( and tell him what instrument you play.

How do I submit my audition?

  1. Your audition must be submitted via:
    1. an unlisted (but shareable) YouTube link (preferred)
    2. a shareable Northwest OneDrive link
    3. a shareable Dropbox link
    4. a shareable Google Drive link
  2. ALL audition material (excerpts/etudes/scales/etc.) must be recorded in one continuous take
    • Pro-tip – Record/save as many takes of the entire audition material as you like, then submit your link to the best one…
  3. DOUBLE-CHECK to make sure you’ve made your link shareable, then forward the link to the following email address:
    • DO NOT send a video file via email attachment. Use only one of the methods described above.

When are virtual auditions due?

  1. All audition submissions are due on or before (preferred) Saturday, August 19.
  2. As mentioned above, submit the link to your video by email to the following email address:

Download Audition Materials

Important note about printing the PDF files

Make sure to use the Printer Options available on the printer you use if/when printing these pages. Select, "Fit to Page" or "Scale to fit paper size", etc. Otherwise, some of the margins may extend beyond the pages you print!