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About the Clay Club


Clay Club is a student organization for Ceramics students; students involved in Clay Club are intermediate and advanced level students. 

The mandate of Clay Club is:

Art Show and Sale

The Clay Club hosts the Northwest Art Show and Sale along with the Art Association, at the end of the fall and spring semesters each year.  The Art Show and Sale is an established tradition at Northwest, giving students a chance to show off their best works from the semester, collaboratively put together a display of works with their peers from all studio areas, get together with the university community as well as the wider community outside of the University to appreciate student talent and accomplishment.  The Art Show and Sale is a two-day event, and all students from the Department of Art are encouraged to participate.  Paintings, Prints, Photos, Sculpture, Drawings, furniture, Ceramics are all displayed together.  The event is held in the lobby and studios of the Fire Arts Building, a large facility housing the Ceramics and Sculpture programs.  Clay Club members hold a very popular and well attended pottery sale in the ceramics studio during this event.  Proceeds from the pottery sale go both directly to Clay Club members participating in the sale (85%) and to the support of Clay Club activities (15%).


Recent Clay Club activities include: