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Note: Annual Recurring Events are handled slightly different than a General Recurring Event happing several times in a year.

  • Annual Recurring Event - When an event takes place on the same date every year. For example, New Years Day.
  • General Recurring Event - When an event recurs multiple times within a given year but not on the same date. For example, a weekly or monthly meeting.

Select the correct type in order to place your event in the correct folder. This will ensure the event is properly handled, and is not archived if it shouldn't be, with like events. 

Recurring events use all the same information as and individual event with and group of recurring settings.

Start/End Date - If you selected yes for an all day event question then you will only need to enter start and end date (month/day/year), but if you selected no then in addition to start and end date, you will need to enter start and end time of the event. (hh:mm am/pm) Hint: Click the calendar icon to bring up a date/time picker widget. 

Note: Working Start Date and End Date should be set for a single event instance. Use the Ends on for the last date the event should reoccur. 


  • Days
  • Weeks - When Weeks is selected it will provide an option to repeat on weekdays such as Sunday, Monday, etc.
  • Months - When Months is selected it will provide two options:
    1. Same day of the month
    2. Same day of the week
  • Years
  • Note - "last of" is not possible at this time. If an event recurs on the "last Monday of each month", it will need to be created as individual events.  

Ends on - Select the day after the date that the recurring event ends. For example for a daily recurring event that ends on 10/03/2023 then select 10/04/2023. For a weekly recurring event that, for example, occurs each Monday, select the Tuesday after the last occurrence. 

If the event is recurring indefinitely then please put something like this 01-01-2050 (do not put anything further than year 2050).

Cancellation - Use this for individual instances of a recurring event that will not take place on certain date. Recurring event will not display if starts on the selected cancellation date. (For example, an event happens every Thursday, but you need to cancel just the occurrence during Thanksgiving week – use the cancellation section to remove that one event instance. You can add multiple cancellations by pressing the green (+) button).