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There are two options to upload an image:

  • If your event is recurring, select General Reoccurring Event Image located in the corresponding year folder.
  • For individual events select {Year} Inv. Event Image located in the corresponding year folder.
  • Th difference between Event Image and Reoccurring Event Image is its location folder. Selecting the correct options ensure files are placed in the correct folder. This will ensure the image is properly handled, and is not archived if it shouldn't be, with events. 


  • Name the image file correctly. It must be lower case only, spaces between words must be replaced by hyphen (e.g. event-photo-2023).
  • Choose image from your computer or drag and drop into the box.
  • Then click Preview Draft.
  • Then click submit.



Note: feel free to reuse images in a given year. Be aware, images used from past years may eventually be archived.

There are also generic images that will not be removed. To use these, add image to your event and in the image selector click Browse and navigate to Events > files > images. This folder contains a few generic Northwest logos/images you are free to use for your event.