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Visiting Writers Series: Gennarose Nethercott

Gennarose Nethercott, a winner of the 2017 National Poetry Series Competition and a Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellow, tours nationally and internationally, performing from her works – often with a hand-cranked shadow puppet show in tow – and composing poems-to-order for strangers on a 1952 Hermes Rocket typewriter.

She is the author of the 2022 novel “Thistlefoot” and the 2018 narrative poem “The Lumberjack’s Dove.” Her other recent projects include the narrative song collection “Modern Ballads” and “Lianna Fled the Cranberry Bog: A Story in Cootie Catchers.” Her latest book “Fifty Beasts to Break Your Heart,” a collection of dark fairytales and fractured folklore exploring all the ways love can save us or go monstrously wrong, is due to be released in 2024.

Her work has appeared in Bomb magazine, The Massachusetts Review, The American Scholar and PANK magazine, among other publications. She has been a writer-in-residence at the Vermont Studio Center; Art Farm in Marquette, Nebraska; and the Shakespeare and Company independent bookstore in Paris.

She also is the founder of the Traveling Poetry Emporium, a team of poets-for-hire, and she is an associate producer at Grim and Mild Entertainment, an audio production company dedicated to historical storytelling where she conducts supernatural and historical research for the Lore podcast.

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