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Educator Improvement Plan

Instructors, advisors, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors will have the opportunity to complete an Educator Improvement Plan (EIP) on a student. An EIP is an assessment on dispositions detrimental to the student, the program, K-12 students or staff. The EIP is not meant to be a punishment. Rather, it is a tool to identify barriers keeping the student from becoming an effective educator, and a strategic outline on how the student may improve.

An EIP will be completed in hard copy outlining the dispositional or behavior issue and include a plan on how the issue may be resolved. A printable copy is available »  pdf

The form completer will share the EIP with the student and send a copy to the Director of Field Experience who will load it into a Dynamic Form.  If the student agrees with the results, he/she will begin to take steps outlined in the EIP to resolve the issue and progress will be monitored by the Director of Field Experience and the form completer.  If the student disagrees with the findings on the EIP, he/she may appeal to the Teacher Education Guidance Committee (TEGC) to modify the findings or strategic plan. The TEGC will have the final decision on EIP results.

Again, the EIP is meant as a tool to improve the student's skill as an educator, not act as a punishment. However, if a student fails to follow the strategies put forth in the EIP that has been agreed upon by the TEGC, the TEGC has authority to move forward on consequences, up to and including program expulsion.