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Disposition Assessment

Dispositions are observable behaviors that indicate an educator’s level of professionalism. Professional dispositions can be demonstrated through communication, dress, punctuality, and other means. The PEU assesses the dispositions of education students with a formalized instrument. The goal is to ensure that all education students behave professionally, and to provide opportunities for improvement if needed. For more information on how education students are assessed for dispositions during undergraduate and graduate programs, please see the information below.

Undergraduate Disposition Assessment

Undergraduate education students are assessed for their dispositions at least three times. This will occur: during phase 1 (before admission to teacher education); during phase 2 (after admission); during phase 3 (student teaching); and any time a PEU faculty or staff member deems necessary.

To see more about the process of how these students have their dispositions assessed, please see the information below:

Students enrolled in the following courses will have their dispositions assessed. Students will receive results via email from the address

Initial Candidate Disposition Assessment Process

Phase Course/Activity Assessor
Phase 1
  • 62-371 Introduction to Special Education
  • Course Instructor
Phase 2 Elementary/Special Ed.:
  • 62-342 Literacy Practicum
Early Childhood:
  • 62-404 Practicum in Preschool or 62-304 Early Childhood Practicum I
Middle School:
  • 61-311 Designing Integrated Curriculum, Middle/Secondary
  • Secondary Methods Content Courses
  • Course Instructor
Phase 3 Elementary/Special Ed.:
  • 61-471 Directed Teaching- Elementary School
Early Childhood:
  • 61-473 Directed Teaching-Early Childhood
Middle School:
  • 61-474 Directed Teaching- Middle School
  • 61-472 Directed Teaching- Secondary
  • University Supervisor
  • Cooperating Teacher
  • Content Supervisor

Graduate Disposition Assessment

Students in graduate education programs will also be assessed for their professional dispositions. These will take place in Northwest Online. These will occur in different courses depending on the program. For more information on how your dispositions are assessed during your graduate education program, please speak with your advisor or program coordinator.

Faculty who wish to use this assessment in their graduate course can go to the Commons area of Northwest Online, and import “Advanced Program Disposition End of Course”. Instructions are included.

Advanced Education Program Disposition Tool View PDF