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Missouri Educator Evaluation System (MEES)

Important Updates

DESE now requires a minimum passing score for the MEES summative.


The Missouri Educator Evaluation System (MEES) is an updated series of evaluation forms used by Missouri Cooperating Teachers and University Supervisors to assess Teacher Candidates during student teaching.  As of the Fall 2018 semester, updated forms will replace previously used formative and summative MEES assessments. Assessors will complete these on the Dynamic Forms system. There is currently no cost for students to be assessed with these assessments.

Passing the MEES

  • The MEES summative form is a certification requirement for teacher candidates in Missouri. As of Fall 2019, the passing score on the MEES summative form for is 42. This score is taken only from the summative form as completed by the Cooperating Teacher and University Supervisor.

  • For example, there are 9 items on the MEES form. If a Cooperating Teacher scores 2 on all items, their total CT summative score is 18. If the University Supervisor scores some items as 2 and some as 3 on all items, the total US summative score could be 24. Combined, that teacher candidate’s total summative score would be 42. Since 42 is greater than or equal to the cut score of 42, that candidate has passed this certification requirement.

  • MEES summative scores should be given as a score for how well the teacher candidate is performing on all items by the end of their semester/placement. This is not an "average" score of some kind calculated with all of the formative assessment scores. A candidate could have been scored poorly on items throughout their formative assessments, and then done great by the end of semester and been scored well on their summative assessment.

MEES Forms

  • The MEES forms have been updated as of the Fall 2019 semester and will be assessed on the Dynamic Forms system.  Identical forms will be used as the formative and summative MEES forms.  The only difference is that when used formatively, assessors may use the “not observed/NA” option for items that cannot be assessed during  a particular observation.  When using these forms summatively, all items must receive a numeric score (0-4), and a response of “not observed/NA” is not allowed. 

  • MEES Formative/Summative Assessment View PDF (as of Fall 2019)

MEES Artifacts

Teacher candidates are required to submit MEES artifacts related to the items 7, 8 and 9 on the MEES summative.  University supervisors and cooperating teachers review these and use them to score the MEES summative. 

To upload your MEES artifacts, please use the following links: