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Dr. David Kiene

Dr. David Kiene



233 Brown Hall



Joined Northwest in 2013

Associate Professor


EdD in Educational Leadership – St. Louis University
MSEd in Curriculum and Instruction – University of Missouri-Kansas City
BFA in Communications – Texas Christian University

Courses Taught

EDUC 61-622 – Visionary School Leadership
EDUC 61-642 – Data Literacy for Schools
EDUC 61-695 – Philosophy of Education
EDUC 61-569 – Multiculturalism in Education
EDUC 61-667 – Practicum for a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
EDUC 61-691 – Change Management in Education

Academic Interests

Coordinator of the Education Leadership Master’s Program

Scholarly Activity

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Kiene, D. Farnan, S. & McBride, M. (2018) Does Evidence Based Reading Instruction have a Positive Impact on Struggling Readers?, The Missouri Elementary Principal, 29(1), 40-46. [acceptance rate: 85%]

  • Skoglund, K., Wall, T. & Kiene, D. (2018). Impact of supplemental instruction participation on college freshman retention. Learning Assistance Review (TLAR), 23(1), 115-135. [acceptance rate 25%]

  • Smith, L., Farnan, S., Seeger, V., Wall, T. & Kiene, D., (2017) Teacher Candidates Perceptions of Urban Field Experience, Education Renaissance, 6(1) [acceptance rate: 50%]

Peer Reviewed Published Conference Proceedings

Peer Reviewed National Accreditation Rejoinder

  • Piveral, J. A., Malm, C., Wall, T. J., McBride, M. A., Kiene, D., and Wilson, A. (2016, May). NCATE Institutional Report Rejoinder. Submitted to NCATE/DESE review team after March 2016 focus visit.

Peer Reviewed University Policy

  • Kiene, D., Patet, P., & Ingraham, N., (2014) Diversity Competencies for the School of Education and Professional Education Unit. Maryville, MO.

Peer Reviewed University Program Revision

  • Kiene, D., (2016) Educational Leadership Master’s Proposal, Northwest Missouri State University.

Peer Reviewed State Rules for Certification (In Progress)

  • Kiene, D., Certification Requirements for Initial Administrator Certificate.   Department of Secondary and Elementary Education, CSR 20-400.610  (2017)

Presentations - National

  • Farnan, S., Smith, L., Kiene, D., MacLaughlin, B., Seeger, V. & Wall, T. (2018, March) Rethinking Location, Location, Location: A Case Study of Rural Teachers Candidate’s Changing Perceptions Toward Teaching in Racially Diverse, High Poverty Schools through Collaboratively Developed PK-12 Partnership with an Urban School District, American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Annual Conference Spring Conference, Baltimore, Maryland. [Refereed].

  • Farnan, S., Seeger, V., Kiene, D. & Smith, L. (2018, February) Perceptions of PreService Teachers Regarding Serving in Racially Diverse, High Poverty Schools through Field Experience, Council for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo, Tampa, Florida. [Poster Presentation].

  • Wall, T. J., Cavan, S., McBride, M., Seeger, V., Rich, G., Piveral, J. A., Wood, S., Gray-Smith, L. & Kiene, D. (2016, February).  Excellence and innovation in partnerships: AACTE and UCET members profile innovative collaboration for K-12 EPP clinical experiences in rural and urban settings in the U.S. and U.K. American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education Annual Meeting. Las Vegas, Nevada. [Refereed].

  • Kiene, D. & Smith, L. (2016, November) Clinical PartnershipsDiverse Placements in Field Experience, AACTE Data Systems Conference, Maryville, Missouri. [Refereed].

Presentations - Regional

  • Skoglund, K. & Kiene, D. (2017, March) Tutoring and Teaching: A Partnership between a School of Education and University Tutoring Program, Association for the Tutoring Profession Spring Conference, Kansas City, Missouri. [Refereed].

  • Konstantopoulos, H., Joachim, B., Kiene, D. & Wilson, N. (2016, September) Building Partnerships on Campus for Cross-cultural Awareness, Mid America Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Fall Conference, Kansas City, MO. [Refereed].

Presentations – State and Local

  • Kiene, D., Wood, S. & Gregory, J. (2018, October) Curriculum Changes, Missouri Professors of Educational Administration Fall Conference,Columbia, MO, October 26, 2018 [Refereed].

  • McBride, M. & Kiene, D. (2018, October) Tracking Clinical Experiences, Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Fall Conference, Lake of the Ozarks, MO. [Refereed].

  • Kiene, D. (2018, June) How do I Gain Initial Certification to be a Principal in Missouri?, Northwest Leadership Conference, Maryville, MO. [Refereed].

  • Kiene, D. (2018, June) Initial Principal Certification Revisions, MOCASE, Columbia, MO.

  • Quinn, N. & Kiene, D. (2018, April) Domain Activity Roundtable Discussion, Missouri Professors of Educational Administration, Spring Conference,Columbia, MO. [Refereed].

  • Kiene, D. (2018, April) Initial Principal Certification Revisions, Missouri Advisory Council of Certification of Educators, Jeff City, MO.

  • Kiene, D. (2018, March) Initial Principal Certification Revisions, Missouri Advisory Board for Educator Preparation, Jeff City, MO.

  • Kiene, D. (2017, October) The Five Domain Competencies – Activities that Pertain to Specfic Domain Competency, Missouri Professors of Educational Administration Fall Conference, Columbia, MO. [Refereed].

  • Kiene, D. & McBride, M. (2017, October) Overall Content and Performance Data, Missouri Professors of Educational Administration Fall Conference,Columbia, MO. [Refereed].

  • Kiene, D. (2017, January) Building Program Level Outcomes, NW Missouri State University Learning and Teaching Center Professional Development Training, Maryville, MO. [Refereed].

  • Kiene, D., Farnan, S. & Rich, G. (2016, October) Providing Meaningful Opportunities for Rural Teacher Candidates to Embrace Diversity, Missouri Chapter of National Association of Multicultural Education Fall Conference, Kansas City, MO. [Refereed].

  • Wall, T., McBride, M., Gordon, D., Rich, G. & Kiene, D. (2015, March) A Continuation of Conversations on the MEES and Student Teacher Evaluations – Trainings with Principals, University Supervisors, University Content Professors, and Cooperating Teachers, Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Jefferson City, MO. [Refereed].

  • Kiene, D. (2015, February) Certification Rules and for Educational Leadership in the State of Missouri, Liberty Schools Leadership Cadre, Liberty, MO.

  • Wall, T. J., Gordon, D., McBride, M., Kiene, D., Rich, G. (2014, November). More than meets the eye: Differing perceptions of educator preparation program quality. Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education fall conference, Columbia, Missouri. [Refereed].

  • Gordon, D., Rich, G., Kiene, D., McBride, M., & Wall, T. J. (2014, November). Student teacher evaluation and supervisor training: Conversations on the Missouri Effective Educator System. Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education fall conference, Columbia, Missouri. [Refereed].

Other Professional Experiences

  • Member and Chair - Ploghoft Lecture Series Committee, organizing logistics for each semester’s speaker and facilitating question and answers after each lecture. - 2013 to Present

  • Member - Curriculum and Degree Review Committee, reviews all undergraduate and graduate program change proposals analyzing impact on other programs and departments. - 2014 to 2016

  • Chair – School of Education Diversity Committee, Refined diversity competencies for coursework, partnerships and field experiences. Wrote rejoinder for School of Education Accreditation rewrite for diversity standard. Later combined with Ploghoft Lecture Series Committee. - 2013 to 2014

  • Department Representative – Teaching and Learning Center Technology committee. Trained department members on technology skills in learning management systems and use of technology in the classroom. -2015 to Present

  • Member – Graduate Council – Reviewed and approved graduate curriculum/program changes and graduate faculty and adjuncts. -2016 to 2018

  • Member – Various faculty search committees for the School of Education - 2013 to Present 

  • Member – Professional Education Unit committees, including in Secondary Education Coordinating Council; Quality Assurance for Accreditation of Educator Preparation Standard Five - 2013 to Present

  • Member – Northwest Leadership Team, Northwest Way Committee, Developed an overview of leadership culture through focus groups and the establishment of a competencies for leadership across campus. - 2015

  • Member – Ad Hoc Faculty Evaluation Committee, Revised student refection forms for course surveys for faculty evaluations in Canvas. - 2016

  • Member – Northwest Parking Committee, Evaluated petitions from parking violations. - 2015

Additional Responsibilities

  • Interim principal – Horace Mann Elementary School, oversaw operations of the school including faculty evaluations, budgeting, new student recruitment, and movement of classrooms. - 2014

  • Executive Board Member – Missouri Professors of Educational Administration, coordinate fall and spring conferences along with organizing monthly meetings to facilitate the development and support of programs granting certification for leadership in the state of Missouri. - 2016 to Present

  • Member – Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Principal Work Group, Evaluating and designing new rules and assessments for building level certification. - 2017 to Present

  • Advisor to graduate students Master’s in Education Leadership, Advise students on program course selection, certification issues, degree audits.  Work in coordination with the Graduate Office on admission of students to the program and degree completion. - 2014 to Present

  • Evaluator of student comprehensive assessments for specialist and master degrees.  Conduct interviews and defenses with graduation candidates providing support and advise for assessments tied to certification in educational leadership. - 2013 to Present

  • Assistant Director School of Education – Promote new initiatives in the School of Education by coordinating programs, setting agendas for department meetings, and facilitating the implementation of program outcomes. - 2016 to Present

  • Rewrote rules for the qualifications of adjunct professors in the graduate school through “tested experience.” - 2016

  • Instructor – Curriculum and Instruction Fellows Program, Independence School District, instruct the Visionary School Leadership class to first year teachers involved in the fellows program. - 2018

  • Diversity Hour Coordinator – Teacher Education Student Services.  Assist in approving and tracking diverse experience for professional education students to reach the required hours for diversity before student teaching and graduate degree completion. - 2014 to Present

  • Supervisor of student teachers – Evaluate teacher candidates during their student teaching by observing in classrooms, coaching best teaching practices, meeting with cooperating teachers, and grading Teacher Work Samples and Missouri Pre Teacher Assessments. - 2013 to Present 

  • Grader – Missouri School Leader Performance Assessment, Evaluated performance assessments for the Educational Testing Service. - 2014 to 2017

  • Participate in Green and White Days, Exploring Majors Days, and Career Fairs– Meeting with perspective students to introduce them to the School of Education and its degree programs. - 2013 to Present