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Magazine Survey

We need three minutes of your time.

Please take a few moments to complete this 20-question survey to help the Northwest Alumni Magazine continue to improve with every issue. Taking only three minutes of your time will give us a solid understanding of what Northwest alumni and friends would like to read. This short survey is completely anonymous. However, if you'd like, you may include your contact information as part of your submission.

Thank you for your feedback!

1) Please tell us about yourself:
Male      Female

2) What Year(s) did you graduate from or attend Northwest:

3) What is your age?
Younger than 30
Over 70

4) What degree(s) did you receive from Northwest ?


5) Approximately how far do you live from Maryville ?
Less than 15 miles
15-50 miles
51-100 miles
101-250 miles
251-500 miles
more than 500 miles

6) Please rate the quality of the following aspects of the magazine:

Quality of photographs:
Quality of writing
Quality of design:
Overall quality of magazine:

7) Does anyone other than the addressee read the magazine?
Yes      No

8) If so, how many other people?
6 or more

9) What has the magazine prompted you to do? (check all that apply)
Update your email address
Visit the Northwest website
Purchase Northwest apparel/items
Attend a Northwest event
Send in information about yourself for the Class Notes section
Inquire about volunteer opportunities
Contact a former professor
Contact a former classmate
Make a donation to Northwest
Share the magazine with others
Clip an article for future reference
Write a letter to the editor or other school official
Become involved with the Northwest Alumni Association

10) How would you describe the magazine? (check all that apply)

11) What sections do you think are the most enjoyable and/or relevant?

Dear Friends
(Letter from a university representative)
Northwest News
Cover Story
Advancing Northwest
Alumni Profile
Alumni Connections
Bearcat Sports
Class Notes/In Memoriam

12) How effective is the magazine in accomplishing the following?

Keeping you in touch with faculty news
Keeping you up-to-date on campus news and related activities
Keeping you informed about alumni activities
Making you aware of the school's aspirations and objectives
Keeping you connected to other alumni

13) What would you like to see more of in the magazine?
Campus news
Alumni features
In-depth features
Short features
Faculty information
Academic department information
Current student information
Sports information
Legislative issues and decisions
Financial/budget information
Alumni opportunities (trips, reunions, etc.)

14) What do you like about the magazine?

15) What do you dislike about the magazine?

16) What could be done to improve the magazine?

17) What stories would you like to see in upcoming issues?

18) In general, I read the magazine:
Within a few days of receiving it
Within 2 weeks
Within a month
In bits and pieces over several weeks or months

19) How long do you spend reading each issue?
60+ minutes
30-60 minutes
15-30 minutes
Less than 15 minutes
I don't read it

20) Additional Comments:

Optional Information:

Daytime Phone Number:
E-mail Address: