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Marketing Education

Program(s) Available: Minor

For those wanting to teach at the secondary level but also have a passion for marketing, Northwest has got you covered! Check out our marketing education minor. 

Why Study Marketing Education at Northwest

Northwest's marketing education minor teaches students how to conduct critical roles within a business. A marketing education minor at Northwest requires 36 credit hours and offers courses like marketing, international business and logistics management.

This minor is available to B.S. candidates but does not certify an individual to teach marketing education, 9-12 as a stand-alone program. For additional information on the qualifications needed, check out the Professional Education Requirements section below. 

Professional Education Requirements

Secondary Education Program Requirements

Students must take Methods of Teaching Business and Marketing course as part of their professional education requirements. 

This minor, when completed under the B.S.Ed. Secondary Program, will meet Missouri teacher certification standards for Marketing Education grades 9-12.  

For more information, view the Secondary Education Program Requirements.

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