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Environmental Science

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You can take a minor in environmental science into a wide range of career paths. Students focused on the scientific aspects of environmental studies may find jobs in a wide range of career paths in conservation, forestry and rangeland management.

Why Study Environmental Science at Northwest

Pursuing a minor in environmental science adds depth to any degree. Environmental issues impact every activity and discipline. Connecting the complexities of human-built-natural system interactions, the minor in environmental sciences is designed to integrate with any major.

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No biology course in the Environmental Science Minor may also be counted toward any biology major. Therefore, biology majors who select this minor must replace all biology courses in the minor with an equal number of hours in advisor-approved electives. At least eight of these replacement hours must be in geology, geography, chemistry and/or agriculture courses.

If combined with the B.A. in Geology, the student must add an additional 4-hour course to achieve the 56-hour combined a minimum number of hours required for the major plus the minor.

No systematic electives may count for both a major in geology or geography and this minor.

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