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Media Studies

Program(s) Available: B.A.

Are you interested in studying media and diving deep into platforms that are part of our everyday routine? Media is what shapes our culture. If this interests you, keep reading!

Why Study Media Studies at Northwest

Students majoring in media studies learn how to communicate clearly and effectively. Faculty teach students media theories and teach students to speak well, write well and think critically. Students will explore the media through different lenses and frameworks.

Want to take your knowledge to a whole new level? Northwest students have landed internships at agencies and organizations such as:

  • Maryville Daily Forum (Maryville, Missouri)
  • KQ2 (St. Joseph, Missouri)
  • The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Missouri)
  • Mix 93.3 (Kansas City, Missouri)
  • CBS Money Watch (Washington, D.C.)
  • Esquire Magazine (New York, New York)
Jacob Wood

Jacob Wood
Mass Media: Multimedia Journalism

“That's why we have a college television station. We are going to have failures and things that are not always going to work. However, learning from those failures will help in our career because we will know how to overcome those failures in the real world.”

Career Opportunities

  • Anchor
  • Producer
  • Communication director 
  • Copywriter 
  • Editor
  • Play-by-play broadcaster

What Can I Do With a Major in Media Studies?

Profession-Based Learning Experiences

KZLX is a student-led radio station serving the Maryville area. The station is a two-time winner of the College Media Association's Pinnacle Award, an award that recognizes the top college radio station in the nation.

Profession-Based Learning Experiences

Northwest Missourian

The Northwest Missourian is a student-led newspaper that covers news on campus and the community of Maryville. This newspaper is recognized in the Associated Collegiate Press Hall of Fame and is the recipient of numerous individual and team awards each year. 

Northwest Missourian


KNWT is a student-produced television station with original programming for the campus and community. KNWT was a finalist for the College Media Association's Pinnacle Award, an award given to the top college television stations in the nation. 


Tower Yearbook

The Tower Yearbook is Northwest's student-led yearbook. This yearbook has historically been very successful! Tower Yearbook is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press Hall of Fame and is a regular Pacemaker finalist.

Tower Yearbook

Student Media Truck

Northwest's student media truck serves as a mobile radio and television studio! It is equipped with tools that allow students to broadcast remotely and produce live and scheduled programming.

Student Media Truck
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