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English - B.A. to M.A.

Program(s) Available: Accel

The accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s program allows outstanding students to concurrently pursue a Bachelor’s degree in either English or Writing and a Master of Arts degree in English and to complete graduation requirements for both degrees within five years. It works by allowing undergraduate students in the accelerated program to complete 12 credit hours of graduate coursework, which will count towards both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, in their junior and senior years. Students can complete the remaining 18 hours of graduate coursework in the two trimesters of the fifth year.

Why Study English - B.A. to M.A. at Northwest

Graduate English programs at Northwest are designed to reflect the breadth and depth of the field. Most classes are designated by broad umbrella topics with specific changes in content each semester, so that the classes may be retaken. The flexible content of the classes offers students both the variety of texts and topics and the intensity of concentration that are appropriate to advanced students. It also allows the flexibility to incorporate current theories and trends into the curriculum.

Please review the policy section on Accelerated Programs for additional information.

*Enrollment Open to Students on F-1 Visas

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