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How to Move Quizzes from Northwest Online to Respondus

How do I get my quizzes from Northwest Online into Respondus Exam Manager?

  1. Go into your course site.
  2. Select settings from the course navigation.
  3. Select export course content.
  4. Select the quiz radio button.
  5. Select which quiz you want to export. I highly recommend exporting each one separately so you can rename the file. The download file name will be several random characters that will not correlate back to the quiz name.
  6. Open Respondus.
  7. Change the personality to IMS QTI.
  8. Select Import questions.
  9. Browse for your file.
  10. Name the Respondus quiz file.
  11. Select preview. Make sure all of your questions are there.
  12. Select Finish. This will open the quiz in the Edit tab.
  13. Change to the Start tab.
  14. Change the personality to Instructure Canvas.
  15. Replace the file.
  16. Select the Edit tab.
  17. Make the changes to your quiz.
  18. Select the Preview and Publish tab.
  19. Publish the quiz to your course(s).

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