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Northwest has a license to use Lockdown Browser campus wide through Northwest Online.  As a result faculty can use LockDown Browser on any quiz or exam given through Northwest online.  Please note, we currently we do not have license to use the 'Monitor' portion of the software.  We only have license for the Lockdown Browser portion. 

Students will have to have Lockdown Browser installed on their computers.  Lockdown Browser is on the software loadset of the student computers. If a student is using their personal computer then they will have to download and install LockDown Browser on their machines in order to take a quiz or exam that is using the LockDown Browser security.  Here are some short videos to give you an overview of how LockDown Browser works.

Overview using LockDown Browser with Canvas

Overview for Faculty

How to Prepare an Exam to use LockDown Browser

Download and install LockDown Browser for Northwest Online Canvas environment »

The process for a student to take a quiz or exam with LockDown Browser Security

  1. If LockDown Browser is not install on their computer they must download and install it.  This link is above but is also on the page where access to the quiz or exam with LockDown Browser required.
  2. When there is a quiz or exam with LockDown Browser, the students need to leave Northwest Online and close their browser.
  3. Close all other open programs on the computer
  4. Open LockDown Browser.  There will be an icon on the desktop.
  5. Login to Northwest Online through the Lockdown Browser
  6. Open the course where the quiz or exam resides.
  7. Find the quiz and take it.

Help Center for LockDown Browser

Help Center is a feature within LockDown Browser that enables students and help desks to more easily troubleshoot technical issues with a student's computer. Help desks can use the information below to guide students through the use of Help Center.

Any student can access Help Center from the toolbar in Lockdown Browser.

Within seconds, a system and network check can be run on the computer, giving immediate information about what might be wrong. If the solution still isn’t clear, several options are available:

Follow this link to the Help Center Instructions: