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Mobile Applications

Mobile applications add to the accessibility of developed programs. The addition of mobile applications allow users to access your application on the go and can increase the use of your developed product. From the users perspective, mobility gives them the freedom to interact at their convenience and means the information is usable in more locations.


Android apps will be available through the google play store. Apps will be free of charge. (1) In this photo the faculty/staff login using their Northwest credentials. (2) Once logged in, the menu appears. The icons at the bottom represent workshop ideas, workshop leaderboard, and your workshop profile. (3) Finally, the last photo shows the workshops I have attended. Not only can I see what workshops are available, register/unregister for workshops, and see what workshops I am currently signed up to see. I can also see what I've already been to. *Still in development

Android Login Android Main Screen Android Registered Screen


The IOS app for workshop manager is currently on hold. When completed it will be available in the Apple App Store free of charge. Development on this platform began in Fall 2016 by Harish Kola and Bhavana Pilli. (1) In this first picture, the login screen for faculty is shown. Once again, faculty will either use their NW login credentials. (2) Image two depicts what the faculty member has already registered for and is upcoming. (3) The third picture shows what each workshop looks like. Note the register/unregister button on the meeting times for the turnitin workshop. Note on all screens, the menu to change between scheduled, upcoming, attended, and feedback are located at the bottom of the screen.

IOS Login IOS Schedule IOS Schedile Continued