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The Northwest Core Learning Communities

Each core community will build their mission and goals around these student competencies and their content specialty. 

Student Competencies


Northwest students will understand the role of writing and speaking in living and learning. 
They will:
  • Use speaking and writing to respond effectively to a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • Understand the relationship between form and content in speaking and writing.
  • Speak and write in a variety of genres and media.
  • Use visuals, non-alphabetic text, and non-verbal components successfully within spoken and written texts.
  • Speak and write individually and as a part of a team to accomplish individual and team goals.
  • Use research effectively in spoken and written texts.
  • Analyze and evaluate their own and others' speaking and writing.

Critical Thinking:

Northwest students will engage in disciplined thought to generate and communicate ideas. 
They will:
  • Assimilate, retain, and interpret information.
  • Utilize information to generate reasonable hypotheses and draw educated conclusions.
  • Elucidate solutions based on these conclusions with the ability to self-evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Recognize that this process is self-reflective and continuous.
  • Produce original expression of ideas.

Managing Information:

Northwest students will locate, retrieve, organize, store, synthesize, and annotate various forms of information.

They will:
  • Access and generate information using contemporary technologies.
  • Evaluate information for currency, usefulness, and accuracy.
  • Reorganize information for purpose.
  • Present information clearly.


Northwest students will understand the formation and context of values.
They will:
  • Evaluate the difference between true and false beliefs, right and wrong actions, as well as those values that underlie artistic expression and make appropriate decisions based on these values.
  • Compare historical and cultural value perspectives recognizing to these cultural perspectives.
  • Recognize the ramifications of value decisions of self and others particularly in team environments.
  • Consider multiple perspectives, recognize biases, deal with ambiguity, and form and defend reasoned positions.