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When is Aid Disbursed?

Financial aid is generally disbursed to students’ accounts a week after the start of classes. Further crediting of aid and subsequent refunds are typically processed twice weekly throughout the semester.

Loans will not be disbursed until we have received and processed all required documents. A valid promissory note (agreement to repay the loan) for the specific loan program must be on file. In addition, students borrowing a Federal Direct Loan for the first time on our campus must complete an online entrance counseling session.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to make sure you have completed all of your requirements.

How is Aid Disbursed?

Unless otherwise noted, all financial aid we award is disbursed in 2 installments. Half of the total award is disbursed each semester and applied toward the charges on your university student account—tuition, fees, university housing, and any other university charges.

Any transaction in which a financial aid credit exceeds your university charges for the term will generate a refund that can be used to pay for other costs associated with your education.

Why Do I Need Direct Deposit?

Setting up a direct deposit account through your CatPAWS gives you the quickest access to your funds if a refund is being issued. It’s also safe, confidential, and convenient. With direct deposit, your financial aid refund is electronically transferred into your bank account—usually within 4 to 5 days after financial aid has been credited to your student account.

If you have questions concerning the direct deposit program for refunds, contact the Office of Student Accounts via email or by calling 660.562.1578.

How Am I Billed?

Once a month, the Office of Student Accounts emails students and Authorized Payers, reminding them to view their student account for recent activity and to pay any amount due by the due date. Available online for students and Authorized Payers to view and print, the student account includes all student account transactions, including payments received and charges and credits for tuition, fees, and housing.

Payment is due on the 15th of each month. Tuition and fee charges for fall and spring terms are billed in August and January, respectively. Summer term charges are billed in May. For a list of other important financial dates, please visit Student Account Services.