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Your Financial Aid Offer lists all institutional scholarships, along with any federal and state aid offered to you to attend Northwest.

How do I accept my Aid Offer?

To view your Financial Aid Offer, you will need to:

  1. Access your secure account on CatPAWS
  2. Select the Financial Aid tab
  3. Select the Award box
  4. Select the Accept Awards/ Add private Resources
  5. Report any additional outside resources or scholarships
  6. Select the aid year you want to view
  7. Accept or decline any loans offered to you
  8. Submit your electronic response once finished
  9. Lastly, complete any federal loan requirements prompted at the bottom of the page

Aid Offer Example

Financial Aid offer letter example page 1 Financial Aid offer letter example page 2

Award Letter Structure

  1. Estimated Total Cost of Attendance (COA): While reviewing your award letter, remember the importance of separating amounts you pay directly to Northwest from other indirect costs. Additional information about tuition and fees is available on the Student Account Services page.
  2. Billable expenses are items you are charged by Northwest, such as tuition and fees. Housing and food are charged only if you live on campus.
  3. Non-billable expenses are allowances for other items and may vary based on your needs. Northwest will not bill you for these items.
  4. Scholarships & Grants are free money that doesn't need to be repaid.
  5. Options to pay remaining costs: Financial aid in the form of student employment or loans. Loans are used to help pay the remaining net costs after gift aid is deducted.
  6. Total Financial Aid Award are scholarships, grants, work-study, and all loans offered.

Glossary of Terms for Financial Aid Offer

Keyword Definition
Tuition and Student Fees Estimated tuition and student fee costs are initially based on 15 undergraduate or 9 graduate credit hours per academic term and later updated for students who do not enroll full‐time. Actual charges will be based on the number of credit hours you are enrolled in.
Other Course Fees Fees attached to individual courses and based on the average amount paid by similar students in your academic program last year. Actual charges will be based on the courses you are enrolled in.
Housing and Food Estimated housing and food expenses based on the average housing cost on campus and a standard food plan. These items only appear on your bill if you live on campus and/or purchase a food plan. The actual cost is based on your housing arrangement and food plan choice.
Educational Supplies Estimated expense for supplies you might need to purchase throughout the academic year. This allowance is provided for in‐person undergraduate students since the cost for primary textbooks is already included in student fees. These items do not appear on your bill.
Books and Supplies Estimated expense for books and supplies you might need to purchase throughout the academic year. This allowance is provided for graduate students and students enrolled in online only programs. These items do not appear on your bill.
Transportation Expenses Estimated expenses for transportation may include travel between home and campus or maintenance on a vehicle. Unless you purchase a parking permit, these items do not appear on your bill.
Personal Expenses Estimated other basic living expenses, such as clothing, personal care, toiletries, entertainment, etc. These items do not appear on your bill.
Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) The cost of attendance (COA) is an estimate of what it costs a typical student to attend college for one academic year. Your COA includes what you'll see on your billing statement, but also takes your basic living expenses into account. It's also used to set a limit on the amount of financial aid you can receive during the academic year.
Grant and Scholarship Eligibility Gift aid that doesn't have to be repaid. Eligibility is often based on financial need or academic achievement.
Estimated Net Cost This is the estimate of your overall cost after subtracting any scholarships or grants you're receiving.
Federal Pell Grant The largest Federal grant program offered to undergraduate students. It is awarded to qualifying students from low‐income households. Eligibility is determined with information provided on the FAFSA.
Options To Pay Remaining Cost This section includes additional resources that could be available to help you pay for college. It may include work or loan options.
Federal Work Study Eligibility This allows you to apply for a part‐time job and earn money to help pay education expenses. After applying for and securing a job, you'll submit a timesheet and will be paid hourly through a monthly payroll process. Earnings are paid directly to you and are not posted toward your bill. Since earnings are paid as you work, no repayment is required.
Federal Subsidized Loan Loans offered to eligible undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need to help pay education expenses. The Federal government pays the interest while you're enrolled, and the loan must be repaid with interest after your enrollment.
Parent PLUS/Credit Based Loan Loans offered to eligible undergraduate or graduate students, but eligibility is not based on Federal Unsubsidized financial need. The loan must be repaid with interest after your enrollment. Credit based loans offered to students or parents to help pay education expenses. Eligibility is not based on financial need, but a credit check will be required. Students or parents with adverse credit may not qualify. Loan repayment may vary and could begin while you're enrolled or after your enrollment ends.

Additional financial aid terms and definitions, visit Glossary | Federal Student Aid.

Terms & Conditions

  • I understand that my awards are contingent upon adequate funding and state and federal regulations.
  • I understand that all aid will be packaged originally for full-time attendance. If I enroll less than full-time may aid must be adjusted accordingly. Federal Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), Teach Grant and Federal Perkins Loans will be adjusted as follows:

9-11 hours 75%
6-8 hours 50%
1-5 hours Pell only 25%

NOTE: Pell awards of less than $2,325 per year ($1,163 per semester) or an EFC greater than $3,501 would not be eligible for an award if a student is enrolled in less than half-time enrollment (6 hours) in the semester.

  • I understand that financial aid funds will be scheduled for disbursement once per semester, beginning on the first day of classes each semester.
  • My course load for the term will be locked at the end of the free drop/add period of each term. My eligibility for aid will be adjusted to the appropriate level of enrollment at that time.
  • I must maintain satisfactory academic progress, as outlined in Forms under Academic Progress.
  • Funds I accept must be applied to outstanding educational expenses at Northwest Missouri State University (fees, housing and food) before the surplus may be disbursed to me. All assistance will be used for educational expenses related to my attendance at Northwest Missouri State University.
  • These awards may be voided or changed at any time if incorrect or false information is discovered on the application or if there has been an error in computing the award.
  • Any change in enrollment, state residency or the receipt of additional outside resources after the initial award must be reported to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Assistance. Revisions or changes in status will necessitate revisions of the award.
  • I understand that if I withdraw from school prior to the completion of a semester, the financial assistance award received will be prorated and the unused portion of the financial assistance award will be refunded to the programs involved. Depending on the portion of the aid, I may owe a balance to my account.
  • I understand that if I fail all classes in a term, last date of attendance must be established and a financial aid withdrawal calculation must be done from that date. This may result in federal funds being returned which may create a balance due to my account.
  • I understand that all academic year William D. Ford Direct Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized and Parent PLUS) must be disbursed in two equal payments.
  • As a first-time borrower of Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized and Unsubsidized) at Northwest, I realize that I must complete an online entrance counseling session and Master Promissory Note (MPN) before any part of my loan can be disbursed and credited to my account. The MPN requires the FSA ID and Password used to complete the FAFSA.
  • I understand that students who receive a Direct Loan are subject to the terms and conditions disclosed on the Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and the Direct Loan Disclosure Statement View PDF.
  • I understand that any Federal Title IV, HEA Loan I receive will be submitted to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and will be accessible by guaranty agencies, lenders, services, and other institutions determined to be authorized users of the data system.
  • I understand that if I have received loans at any time while enrolled at Northwest Missouri State University, I must complete an exit counseling session before I leave the University for any reason.
  • I understand that I must be seeking a degree and may receive aid from only one institution during an academic term.
  • I understand that to receive federal aid I must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at Northwest except for those who qualify for Federal Pell Grant funds.
  • I understand that I must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours at Northwest in order to receive Northwest scholarships or to be considered for State of Missouri assistance programs.
  • I understand that if I enroll at another institution concurrently with my Northwest enrollment I must have a completed Federal Aid Consortium Agreement for each term filed with the Northwest Office of Scholarships and Financial Assistance before I can receive federal aid for the total enrollment.
  • I understand that proceeds from Federal Direct PLUS Loans (parent) will credit directly to my account, pay off all charges and any overpayment will be refunded to my parent. In order for overpayments to be refunded to me, my parent borrower must indicate so on the Parent Loan Information Form.