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Special Program Fees

Fall 2022 - Summer 2023

Undergraduate Tuition
per Credit Hour

Undergraduate Program Name MO Res Non-MO Res
American Museum of Natural History 125.00 125.00
Gulf Coast Research Lab* TBD TBD
High School Dual Credit 97.00 97.00
High School Online Dual Credit 107.00 107.00
High School Dual Credit - International Online n/a 150.00
  • *Gulf Coast Research Lab - MS Gulf Coast Research approved rate.

Graduate Tuition
per Credit Hour

Graduate Program Name MO Res Non-MO Res
Alternative Certification* 449.80 449.80
American Museum of Natural History 125.00 125.00
Independence School District Fellows Program 400.00 400.00
Professional Development RPDC Tuition 75.00 75.00
Professional Development RPDC Tuition- Northland KC 50.00 50.00
Education Outreach 75.00 75.00
  • *Additional Special Program Fees will be applicable to discipline- specific courses

Academic Programs (for Graduate and Undergraduate Students)
per Credit Hour

Program Name MO Res Non-MO Res
College of Arts and Science
Art, Mathematics, Music, Statistics, Theatre 25.00 25.00
Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Nanoscale Science, Physics, Science Education 36.00 36.00
Geography, History, Humanities, Political Sciences, Social Sciences 16.00 16.00
English and Languages 15.00 15.00
Professional Schools
School of Agricultural Sciences 28.00 28.00
School of Business 43.00 43.00
School of Communication and Mass Media 30.00 30.00
School of Computer Science and Information Systems 40.00 40.00
School of Education 38.00 38.00
School of Health Science and Wellness 27.00 27.00
  • *Course fee rates are in addition to per credit hour tuition and exclude Northwest Core, Online Professional, Dual Credit, Non-Credit Professional Development and Activity Courses.