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Dual Credit Billing

Bills for dual credit are issued the last week of each month. Bills are mailed to the address on file. Students are encouraged to pay the total balance on or before the due date to avoid finance charges. Students are automatically enrolled in an installment plan at the time they receive the first bill of the semester.

Fall semester due dates are the 15th of August, September, October, and November. Spring semester due dates are the 15th of January, February, March, and April. A student may not enroll for subsequent semesters until the account balance is paid in full. No copies of transcripts will be issued, or further enrollments confirmed, if any financial obligation is outstanding with the University.

Students are provided their Northwest Network Account (s#) on their class schedule. An email was sent from containing the initial password and login instructions. The email was sent to the email address provided on the dual credit application.

Payment Center

To access the Payment Center online and make a payment:

In the Payment Center, you can add banking information for electronic refunds, save payment methods and set up authorized users. If a parent or guardian will be paying the balance, it is recommended that students set up an authorized user, with their own login information.

Help Resources

Payment Center How-To Guides

Need assistance logging in?

The IT Help Desk can be reached at 660.562.1634 or by email at Please be sure to include your student ID (919#) on all communication.